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Contact:  Annette Braam

March 5, 2008


A new website showcases the issues and Lee’s Summit City Council candidates endorsed by Citizens for Excellence in Lee’s Summit City Government.

The site can be found at

The citizen volunteers have endorsed:

  • Jim Hallam, District 1
  • Allan Gray, District 2
  • Bob Glaser, District 3
  • Bob Johnson, District 4

“We have designed our site to be a comprehensive place for people to find out about our candidates, their issues, information about polling places and other campaign news,” said Annette Braam, chair of Citizens for Excellence in Lee’s Summit City Government.  “We also encourage people to join us by filling out our membership form online.  We believe a fully informed electorate is vital to electing good people and keeping our city moving forward.”

The Citizens group was formed to support City Council candidates who possess superior qualifications, including:

  • Proven capacity for collegial leadership,
  • Lack of personal agendas,
  • Understanding of and respect for the difference between the roles of elected officials as makers of policy and of professional staff as administrators of policy,
  • A demonstrated commitment to being accessible and accountable, and
  • The ability to rise above personal bias for the good of the community as a whole.

Members of the Committee are:

Annette Braam, Chair
Gene Gamber, Treasurer
Tony Jose, Secretary
Mike Allen
Steve Braam
Gary Bromley
Lulu Brown
Dr. Steve & Patti Buie
Carl Chinnery
Brad Cox
Dave Cross
Bill & Rita Duvall
Diane Forte
Brian & Sheryl Franke
Stephen Gentry
Tom Haley
Bud Hertzog
Jennifer Hicks
Geoff Hill
Rod Hubert
Paul Lutz
Ed Powell
Drayton Riley
Amy Schumaker
E. Kent Shelman
Ken Stremming
Rick Viar

Paid for by Citizens for Excellence in Lee's Summit City Government.  Gene Gamber, Treasurer.